December 4, 2013

Our Work: My Own Wedding Invitations

When the time came that I had to design my own wedding invitation I thought it would take my ages, but to my surprise it didn't. It just started flowing. I have something with envelopes I just love envelopes so I always knew that I wanted mine to be special, and that is how the I decided that a foil printed liner would me amazing. I have never been able to decide which I like better gold or silver, so I used both.

For the Save the Dates I decided to keep it classic and play with the different typefaces we were using in all the wedding suite.

We were having a destination wedding we wanted to remind people of the date and place and that is why we printed it on gold foil on the silver lining of the envelope.
The Invitation had a combination of a geometric blind embossed pattern and our last names initials (which is a Guatemalan tradition) in gold and silver foil and then embossed. The Interior text was printed in cool grey ink and our names were embossed on golden foil.

For the thank you notes we created a mini version of the actual invitation. As Last names initials are traditional of Latin American countries I decided to use our first name initials, which are my favorite, in all the wedding props. We did the cover of our Ceremony Programs on golden linen with "R&O" blind embossed and the interior in white linen with cool grey ink. The Menu placed on each place were very similar. We also did two versions of our cocktail napkins one silver with golden foil, and the other gold with silver foil. The same for the matches, we used the pattern in our wedding invitation on one side of the box and our names and date on the other side. For the stir sticks we used silver foil to pop up our initials. We also created a fabric bag with gold and silver embroidery for ladies to leave their high heels and take the silver and golden ballet flats we prepared for them.

Here are a few pictures of the different products we created for our wedding......


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  2. You’ve done a pretty good job DIY-ing your own wedding invitations, Olga! Those wedding invitations are amazing; the thought that they were made by the bride herself probably haven't crossed the minds of those who received them! By by the way, congratulations to both of you for recently tying the knot. I hope you are enjoying the married life!

    Hoa Bracken @ Master Copy Print


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