August 7, 2009

Lounge Graphic Image

Graphic Image created for a couple's shower cocktail. This design was created to support the interior design and decoration concept. The graphic image included invitation, cushions, coasters, menu, triptych, and patterned pictures used in the lounge that was created for this evening.

Imagen gráfica creada para un cóctel de despedida de una pareja. Este diseño fue creado para apoyar el diseño interior y y el concepto de la decoración. La imagen gráfica incluye invitación, cojines, portavasos, menú, tríptico y cuadros de patrones que se utilizaron en el salón que se creó para el evento de esta noche.

fotos por Rodolfo Walsh

July 30, 2009

Polo National Association

Identity created for the Polo National Association in Guatemala. Inspired by the feeling of freedom that playing polo gives, the colors of the grass and sky and the endless passion for the game.

Identidad creada para la Asociación Nacional de Polo en Guatemala. Inspirado por el sentimiento de libertad que jugar polo da, los colores de la hierba y el cielo y la infinita pasión por el juego.

Ona Coffee

Identity made for a high quality, gourmet, and organic coffee cultivated in Guatemala.

Identidad creada para una empresa que produce café gourmet, de alta calidad, y orgánico en Guatemala.

Stationary A

Stationary B

Child Labor Awareness

A campaign done for the International Labor Organization’s program to eliminate child labor. This campaign is targeted to make people understand that their help is needed, not their money, but their time and interest. It is focused in the children of Latin America that work on the streets. Photography and strong headlines are used to catch people’s attention and interest to help ELIMINATE CHILD LABOR.

Una campaña realizada para el programa de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo para eliminar el trabajo infantil. Esta campaña está dirigida a hacer que la gente entienda que se necesita su ayuda, no su dinero, pero su tiempo e interés. Se centra en los niños de América Latina que trabajan en las calles. Se utiliza fotografía y titulares fuertes para capturar la atención y el interés del público para ayudar a ELIMINAR EL TRABAJO INFANTIL.


Jouet is an educational toy store that feels that the intellectual growth of children has to go hand in hand with their physical growth. The design is bold, colorful and fun. Butterflies are used to represent growth because first they are caterpillars and then they become butterflies. It is the same with the human being and that is the reason that butterflies are used as a secondary design device.

Jouet es una tienda de juguetes educativos que siente que el crecimiento intelectual de los niños tiene que ir de la mano con su crecimiento físico. El diseño es audaz, colorido y divertido. Las mariposas son utilizados para representar el crecimiento, ya que primero son orugas y entonces se convierten en mariposas. Lo mismo sucede con el ser humano y esa es la razón por la que las mariposas se utilizan como un diseño paralelo de la empresa.

Consciuos Living

Conscious Living is a magazine that helps people to get informed about the global warming issues and receive tips about how to have a more environmentally conscious life. The design is quiet and calming and is the kind of Martha Stewart ecological home magazine. 

Winding Vine

A newsletter created to be bought by women that like to have the latest trends in their houses. The color and beauty of flower is used as part of the design as well as the style of the photography.


A set of environmental signs had to be designed following the existing brand identity the Zoo had. Based on the logo and the website the following sign were created as part of the Zoo brand.

Le Piquant

The Dada Movement inspired the brand identity created for this product. The merge of different graphic elements, textures and materials were used to imitate the labels used in vintage suitcases. The fonts used in the logo and tag line are also influenced by the Dada movement. Made by hand in watercolor, finished in illustrator

Bakers Bay

A brochure promoting the city of Bakers Bay. The target audience are mature couples that have the money and time to visit the place to relax, have fun and pamper themselves. The design is subtle and calm but at the same time the color details in orange make it vibrant and exciting. The repetition of the element of the logo are used through out the design to emphasize the personality of  the town and to create a cohesive brochure.


Freshbite is a restaurant focused in a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. The texture of the lettuce is used through out the design to accentuate the freshness and crispiness of the company.

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